Value Wholesalers - Heavy Weight Dry Iron for NO STEAM Ironing | Quilter & Tailor Favorite
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Heavy Weight Dry Iron for NO STEAM Ironing | Quilter & Tailor Favorite
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Heavy Weight Dry Iron for NO STEAM Ironing | Quilter & Tailor Favorite

As the name implies, a dry iron does not have a water tank as part of its design.  Nor does it have holes in the sole plate for the steam to emerge from.  For that reason, with no water to be filled, it also means the classic dry iron cannot leak or spit stains onto your clothes!  Some ironers have a preference for this type of ironing, and if that's you, then you'll love this heavy weight dry iron.  It is as the name also implies, quite heavyweight, which serves to remove wrinkles from garments extremely well.

In some parts of the country the water is harsh on steam irons, leading to them corroding inside. This is largely a contributing factor to the spurting water from the holes in the soleplate as the iron heats and cools. The purists would use distilled water for the iron - but what happens if you?re not one of them?  The steam irons don't last as long as you'd expect.  And, unless we're the only ones noticing them, they're expensive and they break before you'd expect them to, with knobs falling off, and light indicators falling out.  Or, if they're cheaper, they're so light they hardly iron easy wrinkles out.  This is where the classic heavy dry iron comes into its own.  The best dry iron is one you can use for years with a good result.  And simply use a misting bottle of water to produce the steam.  You'll be wishing you'd bought one of these years ago and not spent so much money on steam irons that don't last!

The electric dry iron is a favorite amongst quilters.  To get out wrinkles, you need heat and weight. This iron has both. This model is nice and heavy, it irons out wrinkles easier. It heats up quickly. It is slender and has a nice point which many people want. Here's what some customers have said about this electric dry iron:

Great Iron
"This iron is exactly what I need. Since it is dry iron, I don't have to worry about chemicals coming through the holes and staining my clothes. It irons very well when I use a spray bottle to dampen the clothing. The only regret I have is that that I did not purchase it earlier."

Perfect for quilting
"Great iron for quilting, the weight is perfect and the smooth sole plate is wonderful"


"OMG Have been looking fot a great dry iiron for YEARS! Might have to get a second one as a backup - JUST IN the hefty weight!!! Am a quilter and this is PERFECT for me. Thank you


Now this is an iron!
"After having many steam irons that all sputter and drip this is the best of them all. This iron is weighty and smooth and heats up fast. I have a steamer when I need to go that route but this is a great dry iron. Glad I found it!"


Heavy Weight Dry Iron for NO STEAM Ironing | Quilter & Tailor Favorite DETAILS:

  • Variable Temperature Control for different types of fabrics
  • Polished Aluminum Sole plate for great durability
  • Sole-plate has side grooves so you can iron around buttons
  • Has 6 foot cord
  • Does not have auto shut off
  • Dry Ironing (NO STEAM)
  • 1000 Watts
  • Durable and Reliable 
  • Brand: Oster 
  • Model Number: GCSTBV4119
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